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Automatic Driving Lessons Nottingham Pass faster in an Automatic…and its easier!

If there is one thing that makes driving a right pain it’s the gears. Immediately you are thinking how do I hold it and move it while looking at the road.

Oh and of course there are three pedals but you probably only have 2 feet…

Manual cars weren´t really made with people in mind! But automatic cars are exactly for you. You have 2 pedals, one for braking and the other for accelerating. That’s easy enough, and you can keep both hands on your steering wheel.

So imagine how easy it is to pass your driving test without needing gears. Think about the driving lessons you don’t need and the money you can save.

But also think about our roads, there is so much traffic, and traffic jams everywhere, whether its in town or on the motorway and when there are long queues automatic cars are brilliant…almost stress free.

So if you want an easier way to pass your driving test, ask for automatic.

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