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Driving Test Rescue Lessons Nottingham

Failing hurts!

But failing test after test is depressing, its not just a financial pain...you start to doubt whether you are good enough to ever get your driving licence.

Fortunately help is at hand, your driving experience doesn´t have to be this way and before you reach for the phone to call us, let´s just go through a few scenarios.

The biggest reason for failing your just test in not just Nottingham but anywhere in the UK is the lack of preparation, typically your lessons are just along the test routes and the only thing you are going to get from that is knowing the route. It does not make you ready for driving.

So how do you know when you are ready to take your driving test?

In the final few lessons before taking your test you need to be driving without assistance, without the need for your driving instructor to get involved and for you to have completed your driving lesson program.

At 1 Way Driving School we issue you with a progress report card once you have ticked off all the boxes, classified as an independent driver and you go on your lessons without needing your instructor then you are ready to pass your driving test.

The driving test itself really ought to be a walk in the park for you. Thats when you can drive and thats when you will pass. There is no such thing as a fluked driving test because the driving examiners are trained to spot mistakes and you will only pass if you are at the right standard.

Our driving test rescue course looks at your abilities, we listen to your experience and history and build you up for your driving test by eradicating your mistakes. Soon you will have the preparation needed and you will know it, you will see and feel the difference. This will give you the confidence to shine.

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