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Over 300 learner drivers took lessons and successfully passed their driving test with 1 Way driving School in 2015.

You could soon be joining them!

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Regarding the driving tuition I received from 1 Way with my instructor Chris Brown I would like to say I was very satisfied with his help and patience whilst learning me to drive.

He made me feel at ease which helped my concentration and helped me to pass my driving test.

I would like to say a big thank you to Chris.

I had Martin Powell as my driving instructor , who not only helped me learn to drive but helped me develop my confidence in driving. Martin had so much patience with me and made me feel at ease. I would like to say a massive thank you to Martin for teaching me how to drive and I would recommend him to anyone!

I passed my driving test on 12th march 2014 with the help of my driving instructor Cat Sambell. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to her for all of her support and that I would recommend her as an instructor to anybody!

I started learning with 1 way driving school after moving and not having any lessons for over a year, I had grown very unconfident behind the wheel and had forgotten most of my previous lessons. Martin Powell was a very calm and collected teacher, the calmest teacher I have had! He was always positive and always believed that I could handle a task, even if i didn´t think so myself! But he was never short of motivation to give whenever I didn´t succeed a particular task.

I´m pleased to say that I have now passed thanks to 1 way Driving School and guarantee that if I need any refresher courses myself or am to recommend someone, I would go straight to them!

I felt very comfortable with Martin Powell as my instructor, so enjoyed my lessons with him. His instruction was very clear and suited me and I enjoyed his company. Thanks Martin!

Passed my test 28th February 2014 first time, with 9 lessons and I have to say that I enjoyed every lesson. My instructor, Martin Powell was always friendly and patient. I would highly recommend 1 Way driving school and with it´s high quality instructors. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of Martins car, always kept tidy and clean.

Didn´t realise I could do this so would have done it sooner if I did! Would just like to thank Andrew Wakefield for teaching me how to drive and getting me through my test back in September. He made my driving experience extremely enjoyable and I had such a great experience learning to drive with him. Would recommend to anyone considering learning to drive! Thank you Andrew!

I would like to say a massive thank you to Cathryn Sambell who gave me the help and support I needed to pass my driving test. I couldn´t have done it without her. I would 100% recommend her as a driving instructor, she is very comforting for nervous drivers and will help you gain confidence and the skills to pass. I cannot wait to get my first car now. Thanks again Cat x

A huge thank you to Jo who got me through my driving test, the best instructor I have ever had. A lovely lady and would 100% recommended Jo to anyone I know. I am actually gonna miss my weekly lessons with her :) thank you again!!

Amy xx

Just want to say a giant thank you to Jo Haines for helping me pass my driving test 1st time. I´m not the calmest person but when I was with Jo I felt so much different, she had so much confidence in me. Not every lesson went well which made me feel down in myself but Jo never gave up:) she made me feel welcome as soon as I got in, we had so many laughs which helped me relax and enjoy the lesson I even miss going. Without her patience and relaxed attitude I would have never had passed my test let alone 1st time. Thank you again Jo xxxx best driving instructor ever I would recommend Jo to anyone she is amazing and one of the nicest people ever:):):)

Thank you so much to Martin Powell he is the best instructor ever. Don´t think I would have passed 1st time without him. Thank you xx No.1driving instructor !x

Just want to say a massive thank you to Jo Haines. Without her support, guidance & patience I wouldn´t of made it this far or got through my test :) she´s a lovely person & is very helpful & supportive in what she does. I would highly recommend her any day. Thanks Jo :) xxx

I´m pleased to say I´ve passed my test in 5 months after only having an average of just over an hour a week tutoring with Chris Brown. So a big thanks to Chris and I will be recommending you to family and friends.

When I first began to learn to drive I knew nothing about the workings of a car. After a couple of weeks of learning it became pretty clear that I wasn’t picking it up easily nor was I a natural driver. At times I would get quite down about my progress and how long it was taking me compared to some of my friends, but through my whole experience my driving instructor Martin was always positive and helpful. He explained everything to me was patient and understanding and was always truthful about my driving, good or bad.

Two weeks ago after a very long time of learning I passed my driving test first time. I would like to thank my driving instructor Martin for sticking with me and helping me through my experience. It took a long time and there were many ups and downs but now that I have passed it was all worth it.

Just wanted to say...

thank you so much to Cat.

I passed 1st time.

I never thought I would pass my test ever, let alone 1st time.

Thank you so much, I would never had done it without Cat.

I still can´t believe it, even though i´m driving myself to and from work every day.

Best thing I ever did.

I would like to say the biggest thank you to the most amazing driving instructor, Jo. I never thought I would ever pass my test, let alone actually enjoy driving, but with her help shes made it all possible. She´s one of the kindest people i´ve met and I really looked forward to our weekly lessons. She has all the patience in the world and will happily take as much time as needed to explain things so that you feel comfortable. I lacked confidence in my driving when I first started with Jo but she built it up quickly and helped me to pass my test on the second attempt. She is so easy to get along with that everything just falls into place nicely.

Definitely wouldn´t have been able to do it without you Jo! Thank you so much, I will miss you.

I would definitely recommend Jo to anybody, shes the best! xxx

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Martin Powell who helped me pass my driving test first time.

I would recommend Martin to anyone who needs lessons or is looking to learn to drive because he’s one of the best. The lessons are always fun and you never get bored as you are always learning new things.

Would just like to say a massive thank you to Cat Sambell on helping me pass my driving test! I would definitely recommend her as a driving instructor especially if you are a bit nervous about your test. Thank you so much for all your help!

Thank you to Chris Brown, an excellent teacher and instructor answered all my questions. Taught everything with clarity and helped me understand everything. Wouldn´t have been able to pass without him, I felt confident in my test and would recommend lessons to anyone.

Would like to say a big thanks to Jo Haines on helping me pass my test. A great instructor would highly recommend.

Big thank you to Jo Haines, I would recommend her to anyone! I found that on the test I struggled with nerves but Jo knew what to do and I can´t thank her enough, genuinely just a great teacher! #teamjo

I want to say a huge thank you to my instructor Cat who helped me pass my test on Tuesday 21st May. I would highly recommend you guys to Cat, she´s the best. Thank you Cat.

Just want to say a massive thank you to Alex Sleigh for helping me pass my test first time! You have been an amazing instructor and I wouldn´t have been able to do this without you!! :d xx

I passed my test second time, from NTU Clifton Campus after six months with 1 way. I learnt for a few months with a different driving school, but didn´t feel like they were doing much for me.

Since seeing 1 way on google and having my first lesson with Andrew Wakefieldï, it´s been epic. I´ve had those crap lessons when you can´t do anything right; had those ones were you hardly put a foot wrong.

Andrew´s easy to get on with, knows his business, explains things in a patient non-patronizing way, good banter- all this combined made it as relaxing a process as learning to drive is ever gonna be.

5* - would recommend 1 way to all.

Cheers chaps x

Huge thanks to Paul Hessey for teaching me to drive. His calm and patient attitude were really helpful in helping to build my confidence and ability. He was especially excellent at explaining how to do manoeuvres, which I really appreciated. Thanks for all your help Paul!

I would like to say a gigantic thank you to Jo Haines my driving instructor. I was always adamant that i didn´t ever want to drive as I could get around on my 2 feet very well thank you very much..looking back I think I was just too scared. I finally found the courage to contact 1 Way for driving lessons and fortunately for me I was allocated lovely Jo. From the very first lesson she put me at ease straight away with her fantastic personality and calm nature. It has taken me 18 months to pass my test, and yes I was fairly nervous and lacked confidence but Jo was always, patient, supportive,encouraging and most of all she believed in me. I finally passed my test 2nd time yesterday and Jo was as happy as what i was. Taking lessons was the best thing I ever did and my driving life begins at 40! If you are lucky enough to learn with Jo then you will have some good experiences, maybe a few hair raising ones and you will almost certainly pass your test (Jo does not give up on you! ) I will feel lost for a while and I will miss my weekly lessons with her...Jo you are amazeballs...thank you for changing my life!

Just want to say a massive thank you to Chris Brown for helping me pass my test first time. I have not long moved to Nottingham so it made it so much harder to learn to drive in a city I didn´t know, but Chris is such a patient instructor with a calming influence. Couldn´t have done it without him, thanks so much!

I want to say a huge and very well deserved thank you to my driving instructor Martin Powell who helped me pass my driving test yesterday!

Martin came very highly recommended to me after teaching many friends n family including my two sisters and brother. I had always been incredibly nervous about getting in the car for the first time, and thought it would take me a lot longer to pass than it did! I have no doubt this is because I had a fantastic instructor with lots of experience, who taught me to an extremely high standard.

Thanks again Martin, if you can teach me you can probably teach anyone!

After passing my diving test a few weeks ago,

I could not have done it without Jo,

the best driving instructor anyone could ask for,

I loved my lessons so much I wanted more and more,

from reversing around corners to a 3 point turn,

to become a good driving there is just so much to learn,

with her patience and knowledge Jo helped me so much,

even though sometimes it all felt double dutch,

since passing, Jo has given me lessons on the motorway,

there is only one final thing left to say,

if you thought you were going to drive never,

ask for Jo, she´s the best driving instructor ever!!

I passed first time with Paul Flemming who was a ´top professional´ instructor. He was friendly, approachable and had a good sense of humour which helped in relieving the stress when first driving on the roads. A big thank you!!!!

Thank you so much to Jo Haines who helped me pass my driving test today!! She really restored my confidence after failing with a previous instructor and was so friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend her. Thanks again Jo xxx

Passed my driving test 1st time today with Cat Sambell. I would really recommend her as a driving instructor to everyone, especially if you are a bit nervous about driving as Cat calmed me down and gave me confidence. Lessons were made enjoyable with Cat whilst at the same time teaching me the basic skills needed as clearly as possible. I will now actually miss having a lesson with her every week! Amazing!

Would just like to say a massive thankyou to Cat Sambell on helping me pass my driving test! Definitely the best instructor I could have had to help build my confidence and put me in my place when need be! So, thank you so much for all your help, you have been great!!!! xxx

Huggggeee thanks to Cat Sambell! Fantastic instructor! She’s patient, friendly and has a great sense of humour. (i’m actually going to miss having my driving lesson every week) I would recommend her to everyone! I couldn’t of passed without her! xx

I passed my test on the second try today 10th Dec 2012. My driving instructor was Paul Fleming, I could not praise him more! I had a real issue with roundabouts and that´s what I failed on the first time, but thanks to Paul, we dealt with them and I´ve now passed! Your a star Paul. Thank you!!!

I would like to thank Jo Haines for helping me pass my test 1st time. She was professional, friendly and very patient. She is a very good teacher, explaining everything clearly and great at helping correct and perfect my technique. I took an extra motorway lesson after passing my test which was also brilliant, giving confidence to drive on the motorway by myself just weeks later. Thanks Jo.

Just wanted so say a huge thank you to Joanne Haines who helped me pass my driving test! She was a great teacher who always made me feel comfortable and relaxed while driving! A nice person who I will be recommending to friends, thanks again Jo! x

A big thankyou to Joanne Haines for helping me towards the success of passing my driving test. Jo was a great instructor, always made me feel comfortable and was a great teacher! I will recommend Jo to everyone, she helped me gain more confidence in myself and I always felt relaxed when driving on my lessons. She is a genuinely lovely person and students will be lucky to have her as an instructor, thanks again Jo! xxx

I signed up with one way in August, but had 15 hours of driving experience with another company. My former instructor was unreliable – often cancelling without giving any notice – would take me on the same route every time I did go out, and generally didn´t use the time I was paying for in a very constructive way. I felt like I wasn´t learning much and quickly lost faith in my instructor.

By contrast, after my first few hours with Paul Heard I was confident he would be professional, dependable and understanding. At the end of each lesson, Paul outlined the things I had done well and what I should concentrate on, before briefly going over what I would do the following week. This simple act allowed me to mentally prepare for every session, which improved my confidence on the day and made me self-aware of progression as it happened.

From a technical view, Paul showed great situational awareness and driving knowledge. This meant he could tailor lessons for my needs, explaining in relatable terms how to perform each new manoeuvre and what factors to be considerate of. His instructions were very easy to follow and for more specific practices his methods were reliable and memorable, as he would mention any mistakes I made in his feedback and remind me of what to do before subsequent attempts. He picked up on details about all aspects of my driving and gave constructive suggestions on how to improve, instead of generalisations that are less helpful for beginners.

I was very impressed and grateful for Paul’s reliability. If he was held up before a lesson – which only happened once or twice – he would send a text to let me know in advance, even if he was only going to be 5 minutes late. Similarly, when organising next week’s session I could be sure he would show up on time, allowing me to fit in work activities before or after my lesson. I gather from a friend – who had previously learnt with one way – that his instructor al

A big thank you to 1-Way Driving School and my brilliant instructor Paul Fleming. I was overjoyed when I passed at Colwick, never thought the day would come when I´d do it. Paul is a highly skilled teacher, who totally understood my lack of self-confidence but helped me to overcome this and have faith in my own abilities. Can´t praise him enough, he´s also a really nice guy with a great sense of humour and I shall miss our weekly chats. I´m looking forward to being a good safe driver which I know is what Paul wants for all his pupils. Thanks again.

Absolutly brill! Their main aim is to make you a safe and confident driver and they want you to pass as soon as your ready. Cat is the number 1 driving instructor. Such an amazing teacher. So glad I went with her after having bad experiences with 2 other driving instructors from different schools. She taught me the correct way and gave me the confidence I needed! Thanks so much Cat and 1 way driving school. Jodie-lily. x

I passed 2nd time with Martin, I absolutely loved my time learning to drive with him. It was relaxed and I always felt in safe hands (don´t know whether he did!). I will always recommend him to anyone who I know who needs lessons because I know how calm and collective he is, always made me feel at ease. Thank you for putting up with me and my constant talking for so long!

Started taking lessons on the 15 march 2012 with Paul Heard (who I must say is an absolute amazing instructor), and I passed 1st time on the 30th of August. I literally put it all down to Paul! He made learning to drive a real pleasure, being very clear and precise. I would highly recommend Paul and 1 Way to anyone looking to take lessons, as they offer nothing but pure professional expertise and quality services! Paul... you´re a legend!

I would like to say thank you to Chris Brown for helping me pass my driving test. He is really good and I would recommend him to my friends. Thank you Chris.

Like to say thanks to Jo for helping me to pass, wouldn´t have been able to do it if it wasn´t for her. She has got so much patience and is so easy to get on with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of having driving lessons. Thank you so much Jo :d x

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Andy Wakefield. I passed my test at the ripe old age of 34 couldnt have done it without him a brilliant instructor and a great bloke. Cheers mate.

Cat is an excellent driving instructor: her calm, friendly and supportive approach have helped me, not just to pass my test, but to feel really confident about driving on my own. Thank you.

What can I say other than bang on. Felt no pressure always had every answer to any question I asked and got me through my test fine. Would def recommend to everyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks Martin and Paul

I would like to say a big thank you to Mike Kalwa for all the support and help through to my test. I passed 1st time with him. Thanks Ashley

I would like to say a huge thanks to Mike Kalwa for taking the time and having the patience to teach me how to drive. I successfully passed my driving test on 12th June 2012 at Colwick Driving Test Centre. Thanks again Mike!

I´d just like to thank 1 Way Driving School and in particular Mark Hazeldon for all of his help. Thanks to him I passed first time and I recommend anybody who wants to learn to drive with one of the friendliest guys around to give 1 Way a call and ask for Mark. I couldn´t of done it without you! Cheers, all the best, Sam.

Massive thanks to Jo Haines for helping me pass my test 1st time!! She´s so patient, funny and a genuinly nice person. I couldn´t have asked for a better instructor! I couldn´t have done it without her. Thanks again Jo! xx

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to my instructor Cat for helping me to pass my test first time. I would recommend her to anyone, especially those who may be lacking confidence. I will definitely recommend Cat and 1 Way to my friends. Thank You x x

Many thanks to Paul Flemming, an excellent teacher and an all round nice guy. He helped me improve my driving skills and confidence significantly. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Just wanted to say a BIG Thanks to Martin for helping me pass 1st time. Thanks for being so patient and giving me the confidence to pass my test. I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends. X

I want to say a massive thank you to Jo Haines for helping me pass my test first time today. I would recommend her to anyone, and also the confidence she gave me. Many Thanks

Would just love to say a massiveeeee thankyou to Jo Haines! She helped me pass 1st time, shes a wicked instructor and if you want to learn to drive go with Jo at 1 way!

I passed my test 1st time with Joanne Haines at Chalfont Drive. She is a brilliant instructor, easy to get along with and really supportive. I would recommend anyone to learn with Jo. Thanks Jo your the best xxxxxx

I would like to say thanks to Martin I passed my test 1st time with only 1 minor fault. Martin was always reliable and professional and helped me reach a really good standard of driving. I would recommend Martin and 1 Way Driving School to anyone who is looking for a driving school.

I would like to say a BIG Thank you to Martin for getting me through my driving test 1st time!!!! It was the best 18th birthday present ever!!

I would like to say a great big thank you to Cat!!!!!!!!!!! Your the best instructor and I would recommended you to anyone, thanks for getting me through my test & pass plus :-)

I had Martin as my instructor and he has taught me to drive from start to finish. He is so patient and always encouraged me on all my lessons which helped me to gain the confidence and skills to pass 1st time. Thanks for everything Martin x

Can i just thank Cat for being an awesome instructor who got me through my test first time!! I will definitely recommend her and 1 way to my friends and family. Thank you x

I started lessons with Cat after a horrible experience with another company and she was so patient and explained everything clearly, that after a couple of lessons my confidence was back up and i have now passed. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to learn. Thanks Cat!!

I would like to thank my instructor Jo and 1 Way Driving School for helping me pass my test. She made everything seem so easy to learn and always made me feel confident and capable. I will recommend this school to anyone who wishes to learn to drive. Thank you xxx

I want to say a really big Thank You to Jo for getting me through my test 1st time! You are an amazing instructor and I could not have done it without you,

34 years of age..........never believed I could pass my test........but thanks to Paul

Flemming i did it......one of the happiest days of my life and would never of done it if Paul had not taught me.....I would of given up if it were not for his confidence in my ability.......thank you Paul!!!

Im so glad I picked 1 way to be my driving school. They helped me pass first time thanks to Chris Brown

Can I thank Cat for being such a great instructor and being so lovely and patient with me with the aspects of driving i found difficult. I will be looking out for friends to recommend her to. :) Thank you - Sarah

Thanks to Paul Fleming getting my confidence up and getting me a cancellation,I passed my driving test today first time with no faults :). Thanks for being a great instructor Paul couldnt have done it without you a star instructor. - Jayne x

Just a little message to say thank you to my driving instructor Jo for all your guiding help. Thank you for being patient and having the confidence in me to pass first time (which i did haha!!)many thanks Jo. From Rae x

I would like to thank my brilliant instructor, Alex Sleigh, for all of her patience and encouragement, which enabled me to pass my driving test first time!!!! There were times when I doubted my own abilities, but Alex was always so supportive and her tuition was outstanding! Alex is a legend and thanks again!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Paul Heard for teaching me to drive and having the confidence in me to pass my test first time! I had a previous experience with a driving instructor that greatly knocked my confidence and a family friend recommended Paul to me. He is a fantastic instructor and makes you feel very at ease when driving, he gives constructive criticism and supports you in every way he can. Would definitely recommend him to all. Thanks Paul!

I would like to say a massive thankyou to John Mawson & Alex Sleigh who have put up with me and my nerves! I finally passed my driving test today with Alex :) Both instructors have been brilliant and have helped me with my nerves and helped build up my confidence! Without their encouragement and support, I know I would have given up a long time ago, but here I am finally with that pink licence. So thankyou both Alex and John for all the help and support you have given me, and you will definately be getting a recommendation from me if anyone needs lessons :)

I was recommended to 1 Way from family, really glad they did :) and I passed my driving test first time in January 2011 with Martin. Martin was patient, calm and friendly in all my driving lessons and gave me the skills and confidence I needed to pass my test. Would definately recommend Martin to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again!

Thanks to Cat Sambell I passed 1st time! She is a very patient and friendly instructor, I will miss her. Thanks Cat !!! xx

I passed my test back in october 10, with Chris Brown, the teacher who makes any driving instructor look like Justin Bieber on a bad hair day.

Looking back over the three months ive been driving solo, ive realized just how much Chris prepared me for post-test driving; giving me confidence to make good, smart decisions on the road that will not only save me money in the long run but avoidable troubles in the future. Hes patient, hilarious, and shapes his lessons around your needs, whether it takes a lesson or two extra to make sure you, like myself, pass first time.

Thanks to Alex i passed!! Couldnt have done it without you!. Alex is a fantastic instructor with loads of patience and a great sense of humour! I will definately recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much Alex xxx

I just had to write to say many thanks for such excellent customer service -

it takes a lot to impress me, but I must say, for once my customer

expectations have been highly exceeded.

After an email enquiry yesterday on your website for a block booking for a

last minute Christmas present, I received a call from a lovely lady named Claire acknowledging my enquiry and talking me

through the options.

Once we established what I would like, she then reassured me that, as it was

a Christmas present, she would ensure that I would get the gift card prior

to Christmas, even if she had to hand deliver it.

When I got home last night, it was there waiting for me!

Credit where credit is due, during times where recent experiences make me

think a high standard of customer service is a thing of the past,

1waydrivingschool has proved me wrong.

A big thank you, your efforts to provide such a good service have not gone

unnoticed, especially during this busy period.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy

New Year.

I will certainly be recommending you to friends, family based on my

experience of your company so far.

I found 1 way driving school very good value, my instructor Chris Brown was an exceptional teacher, he taught me the skills required at a suitable pace and very effienctley , he was calm, constructive and considererate . He is also very approchable and an all round nice guy. As well as being an outstanding teacher, I would strongly recommend him to anyone learning to drive both new and expericenced drivers.

Thanks to Jo I passed first time (wouldnt have been able to do it without you!). Jo is a lovely person and a fantastic instructor with tons of patience and a good sense of humor! I would definately recommend her to anyone wanting lessons. Thank You Jo x x x

Cat was an excellent instructor. She explained everything clearly, was patient and understanding whenever I struggled with certain aspects of driving. I passed first time due to her expert tuition and I would strongly recommend her to friends and family.

Martin is the best instructor ever! Answered all my dumb questions and always calmed me down when i started to get in a flap. I miss the laughs and 6th gear! I have had, and will continue to recommend anyone who I know to learn with him! Thankyou x

Can I thank Paul Heard for getting Neil through his test. Me and his dad are so pleased. Thanks Lynn Hartland

I had Cat as my instructor. Well what can i say about Cat.... wicked,amazing,awesome! Would recommend Cat and the 1 Way team, thanks for everything x

I had Cat as an instructor and she is the best! I had a break in my driving and was slightly nervous about starting my lessons up again. Cat was really helpful, understanding and friendly, and she helped my confidence grow. i have her to thank for passing and would definately recommend her!

Jo was my instructor and she was amazing! Really patient, encouraging and dead easy to talk to. Thanks for everything! x

Martin you are a saint. You got me through it passing first time with only one minor, how cool is that lol, have already rec loads of friends to you, but wheres my commission lol

Paul is theee best instructor! Passed 1st time .. going to miss the gossip :D Defo recommend him x

Although i failed a couple of times this was deserved, martin was a legend of an instructor, am a safe and good driver now because of him despite the couple of fails!!

I passed 1st time and its all down to Joanne Haines who helped me throught this. Jo made me feel welcome , calm ,comfortable and helped me gain my confidence which i did not have a lot of.Thanks again Jo .x.x.x.x

I started my lessons on my 17th birthday back in April. Had Martin as my instructor and he was fantastic. Absolute beginner to on the road within 5 months, excellent tuition, would definately recommend to anyone! Thanks guys!!!!!

Pass 1st time! Get driving lessons with quality instructors Nottingham
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